Let's Talk Tri Delta

Uncomfortable Conversations Create Humanity

Episode Summary

Melanie Velasquez, San Francisco, helps lead the way in her chapter and community through her work on her chapter’s DEI committee. She discusses the importance of allyship and the good that comes from uncomfortable conversations.

Episode Notes

Many of Tri Delta’s collegiate chapters are on the front lines leading the way on our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Melanie Velasquez, San Francisco, found a way to use her voice through Epsilon Rho’s DEI committee. Her work with the committee helps educate her chapter members and community about having uncomfortable conversations, and how that ultimately creates humanity. Melanie discusses how she defines allyship and why self-education is imperative to being an ally to any marginalized community. Epsilon Rho was the first Panhellenic chapter at USF to have a DEI committee and is now partnering with other chapters on campus to promote education within their communities. She reflects that her leadership and efforts in Tri Delta have shown her how to make positive change and use her voice in an effective manner. 

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