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Tri Deltas in the TV Room: Girl Power, Super Bowl and Marry Me Chicken!

Episode Summary

Welcome to the latest episode of Tri Deltas in the TV Room with hosts Mindy Tucker, Southern Methodist, Karen Hughes White, Georgia, Avery Sadler, Mississippi, and our newest member Lexi Leggs, Millikin! These ladies catch us up on current events mixed with a few great laughs and make us feel like we are sitting in the room with our besties. Tune in for a dose of fun, insight and inspiration.

Episode Notes

Tri Deltas in the TV Room welcomes our newest podcast host, Lexi, into the hot seat. In our rapid-fire round, we got to know her better when we covered everything from mac ’n’ cheese and coffee to beach days and crocheting. We caught up on New Year's resolutions and channeled Gloria Gaynor vibes with Mindy’s determination to survive the slopes.

Super Bowl LVIII took center stage with our dive into the ads, Taylor Swift, Mama Kelce and Beyoncé and then transitioned to Avery’s lessons learned from Bachelor Nation. For Valentine’s Day, we delved into traditions, date nights and Karen’s “Marry Me Chicken” recipe. Upcoming episodes were teased, leaving us excited for more engaging conversations and surprises in store. At the close of the conversation, we are left celebrating girl power and the perfect confidence in ourselves to conquer any challenge.

Episode Transcription

Welcome back to another episode of Tri Deltas in the TV Room. The last time we were all together, we talked about all things goals and resolutions and Taylor Swift, of course, because that's always the topic on here. I'm so excited to get us back together. Just to remind you who we've got here, Karen, our fearless leader and CEO of Tri Delta, Avery,

a dedicated member of our events team. Karen’s an Alpha Rho from Georgia, Avery's Chi Chapter, Ole Miss. And then our newest addition, I'm so excited to welcome Lexi to the podcast. So glad you're here. 

Thanks, Mindy. I'm excited to be here. 

Yeah, it's gonna be fun. I'm gonna let Avery help us get to know you a little bit better this morning. We're gonna put you on the hot seat. 

Uh -oh, hot seat, here we go. 

Here we go. I've been wanting to do the hot seat. I feel like if we ever get special guests to come because Lexi obviously is our new host and it's gonna be a regular, but I think that having a hot seat for all guests is just funny and fun. So Lexi is a fellow Gen Z? 

Am I a Gen Z? I like to call myself a Zillenial. I was born in '96. 


Oh, okay

We're close. So I'm 25. How old are you? 

28, just turned 28. 

Okay. Happy birthday. 

Okay. Well, we're gonna do a quick little hot seat with Lexi to get to know her. I'm going to put a timer on for 30 seconds, so I don't go too fast. And, Lexi, just answer these questions honestly, first thing that comes to your mind. We just want to know our newest co-host. So, okay, timer's starting now. Ready? What's your favorite food? 

Mac and cheese. 

Oh, favorite drink?


Oh, obviously. Beach or mountains? 

Beach, for sure. 

What beach in particular? Where are you going? 

I was just in San Diego over there by Mindy, so I would say the San Diego beach. 

Okay, so fun. Would you rather fly or road trip?

I'm impatient, so fly. 

We know that you are a lover of Beyonce, so what's your favorite Beyonce song? 

All time, “Dangerously in Love.” Right now probably “Thick” from the most recent album, Renaissance. 

Okay, I need to listen. Oh, I just realized I set my timer for 29 minutes, not 29 seconds. You have 15 seconds left. What is the TV show that you're watching right now if you have time? 

Why Women Kill.

Oh, okay. What was your favorite childhood activity?

Arts and crafts. 

Do you have any hidden talents, maybe hidden crafty talents?

Yes, crocheting, can I show you my little—

Oh, oh my gosh!I like to make little things.

Love that, okay, time is up. I think that might have been more than 30 seconds 'cause I said that one time. 

It's okay.

Wow, okay, well, so good to get to know you.

Yes, thank you.

I know that we talked about New Year's Day resolutions and I was talking to you about this before but my last question for you is, did you have a word of the year for 2024? 

Yeah, I'm so happy we were talking about this 'cause our programming development team was just talking about this in our last meeting as well. And I think my word of the year is capable. And it's something that I discovered at the end of last year. I don't know if you all know this, but part-time I'm also a bartender. And I've been working in service ever since I was in high school and always thought that being a bartender was like too hard, memorizing all the recipes just sounded like something I was incapable of doing. And not to toot my own horn, but I've been rocking it. And I love it. 

Toot your horn!

Yeah! You go.

Yeah, so I really like that. And I just think that kind of reminds me that sometimes I psych myself out of opportunities or things that I actually am capable of doing. And so I think that's my word of the year. It's just not psyching myself out because I am capable.

That is awesome. Okay. Okay, where are you? If one lived in Dallas near you and wanted to, you know, visit you and said establishment, where would you be bartending?

Yes, so I'm a little outside of Dallas. I'm actually at Earl's Kitchen and Bar at Legacy West in Plano. Yeah, I'm typically there on the weekend. So if you're a brunchgoer, then you'll see me there. But I really do love it. It's a restaurant. It's the only location in Texas. So I definitely recommend trying it. 

I love Earl's. 

Shout out to our Canadian sisters, right? 

Yeah, it's an international organization that is Tri Delta.

You will see me at Earl's, Lexi. I'm going to come in and visit you. That's exciting. I mean, you had me a brunch, right? Let's be clear. 

Absolutely. We've got great brunch and it's honestly very slept on. We're not that busy. So you would have a great time. 

Nice. Alrighty. That's a date. How's everybody else's word for the year going? That was some big, that was like a big break. 

Well, can you remind us what your word was? 

Yeah, well, pause. Pause. And I'd say it's, I'm probably 50 /50, right? So I, you know, you all know, I mean, I just move fast, right? I'm just, I'm an Enneagram 8, look that one up, right? So we do first, right? And then we think and then we feel in that order, right? So I'm action-biased, right? So pausing is not only sort of a mental challenge for me, it is a physical challenge, right? Now PAUSE is an acronym, and I will say I'm living into the words that are tied to pause. 

Yeah, I forgot about your acronym.

Like I don't know why I complicate it, but P is for pickleball and Pilates, right? And anyway, it goes down the list. And so I'm living into my resolutions are sort of built into that,

right? And so I'm living into those words. Um, a little better than I'm living into the actual pause word. But I am trying, right? It's February 14th, I am not giving up, right? This is what we're recording on Valentine's Day, Delta Love, Delta Love to you all, everybody listening. So I'm not giving up to pause. What was your word, Mindy? 


That's right, that's right. 

Making things happen for me instead of to me. 

Yes, that's very empowering.

Yeah, and it's going okay. There's probably one area in particular where I've really stepped out and like trying to, I work from home. I don't really have to leave the house to pick up my kids from school. Like I could sit in this house for three days and not see anyone. And so I'm trying to get out more and I'm trying to be really proactive about my kids’ schedule and like connecting with old work colleagues and friends and people I was in politics with and just having lunch or dinner or drinks or whatever and so that piece I think is going pretty well that's the one thing. I've got other areas where I'm trying to be more proactive. I haven't really gotten the motivation there yet, so one piece, good. 

Love. Yeah because I think you know there's this whole concept around habit stacking, right? You sort of get one thing, right? And then you can work on the next one, right? So, yeah, I'm here for you, proactive. Also with capable. Like, you and Lexi are sort of in that same boat with that word, those words. All right, Avery, what was yours? 

Mine was adapt because this is 2024 is a big year of change for me. in all very exciting ways. I actually, I thought that I would announce on the podcast because why not? But I just found out that my fiancé, Greg, who he asked if I'd give him a shoutout and I said of course every episode. 

Of course, we love you, Greg. 

Just found out that he is getting re-stationed and we will be moving to Boston so I'm so excited. Yeah, but that's definitely going to be—

The home of Tri Delta! 

I was going to say. 

Me and the Alpha. Yeah, I'm so excited. But that's definitely going to be something that I need to adapt to. And just as I'm taking on new things, I talked a lot about how I like to do monthly goals. So my one big goal for the year was to read my Bible every day, which I'm doing and then my January goal was to move my body and to knit I moved my body. I did not knit. I think one time and my February goal is to wear pink to work every day, which is just silly and fun and then to finish reading the first Harry Potter book. So it's kind of like the stacking thing like if I can do it if I can read my Bible every day and move my body every day, those are becoming like routines, then how can I each month add things on? So I'm getting there. But, Lexi, you made me think of this by saying capable. I just started going to Orange Theory with Meredith Davies, which Greg got me for Christmas. I was not excited for, I kind of was like, what the heck, I've never mentioned Orange Theory once in my life. 

Love it.

But you're going like a pro. Good gracious. 

Yes. And I'm not even kidding. Meredith like wins the class. You can't even win, but she wins the class every time. Like she goes the farthest and runs the fastest and all of that. Competitive is in her top five strengths. People, do not underestimate that woman. She is a colleague of ours. Well, you all know on the podcast because she's been on this podcast before. So yes.

It's crazy. But I think I keep telling myself you can do hard things. Like I can do hard things. I'm capable of more than I think. And, oh, that was my other February goal is to push myself. So that's been a part of it, is doing Orange Theory and all of that. How can I be pushing myself in everything that I'm doing? So that's my February, February's big. Sure, fewer days, so bigger goals.

Well, it's a leap year, so we've got an extra day, right? So that's good. You're gonna crush it.

Thank you. 

So this is leading into a topic that I need some help with. I really just need some like sister pump up, which I know Karen will give it to me because she gave it to me years ago and talked me into doing a race and that didn't go very well. That's another story. 

I still feel responsible. I feel terrible about the whole hamstring thing. 

So anyway, Gloria Gaynor, you all know this week, we had the thrill to go see a film that was only available last night on Galentine's Day, February 13th. It was only in theaters then, that one of our Tri Delta sisters produced a documentary about Gloria Gaynor's life and it was called I Will Survive. We all know the song. We could all sing it here and have a little karaoke moment. But just this story of this woman who like got her degree when she was well along in life. Was she like 60, 70 years old when she?

Absolutely, yes. yes. 

Just this one, and I've been really taking it to heart 'cause I've been feeling a little bit older. I'm 53, I've been feeling a little older. Y 'all guys talk about being in your 20s and how I really feel older.

But this weekend

I win. I'm the same age as the Super Bowl. 

That's right. This weekend we're going away. This weekend we're going away for Presidents’ Day weekend. We're going to Big Bear, we're gonna go skiing. And my-- my kids love to snowboard and I've been promising them all to learn how to snowboard. So I'm taking a snowboarding lesson on Friday. 

Love it. 

Now that I'm doing it, everybody's like, "Oh, are you sure you want to do that?" My child literally sent me a video about how to fall down properly. 

That's the key to snowboarding. 

Everybody is like, "Are you sure you want to do it?" Like, "You're going to be miserable, you're going to fall." And I'm like, I've got my back up about it. I'm like, "I'm going to do this." And I don't care if it's miserable. I'm like, "Are you sure you want to do it?" going to do this. I'm going to be 53 and learning how to do something new and active and I may just kill it. You don't know. 

You don’t know. This could be a hidden talent you don't even know you have. 

I'm taking my Gloria Gaynor vibes to the mountain this weekend to learn how to snowboard.

You will survive snowboarding. 

I will. 

Mind over matter. That’s what my mom always told me mind over matter. If you believe that you can, and this is where I keep telling myself I can do hard things. You can do hard things and you will do it. 

Yeah, that's what's gonna be my, Avery saying I can do hard things. And Lexi saying, we are capable women. 

We are. 

That's what I was gonna say. You're a very capable woman.

Pause when you feel you're gonna be able to fall down. 

Pause when you fall down and get back up. It's okay. That's good. Yes, yes, yes. 

So I love all of your words. They're all gonna fuel me. me this weekend on the slopes. What did everybody think about the Super Bowl? 


I mean, so much fun and so many things going on at the Super Bowl. I love the ads and everybody in the room where I was was talking and I heard none of them. I have to like watch them all separately. But I am very much in love with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and their awkward track suits. 

The Dunkings.

Yeah, the Dunkings, man, and that continues, like I love the build on that right. So you know we were seeing pre Super Bowl we were seeing Ben sort of get worked up about some things then we saw it happen and now we're seeing the post piece of this and we're seeing them on the set. We're seeing I mean just so much fun. Dunkin Donuts I saw is selling the the—

Track suit. 

Yes, those track suits.

Uh -huh.

Right, so there's a merch tie-in, like, brilliant. 

Karen loves a merch tie-in. 

I do love a merch tie-in. I'm so predictable. 

That's a great Halloween costume. 


Oh yeah, I hadn't thought about that. That's a great one.

There you go. There's your idea, everyone. 

Yeah, I know, I thought it was just phenomenal and so much fun. And all the Taylor stuff going on. There's so many feels that I have about all of it and the main one just is like, Get off the successful girls back, right? 

Right, let her have a moment. She's got a boyfriend. They really look like they I mean that kiss at the end of the Super Bowl. Oh my gosh, right? They really they care about each other, right? So right and people ask like, you know, was Taylor going to get a ring? I mean, I love the way Travis Kelcejust said, "I hope I get a ring this weekend." Like just like, what? They've been dating like a minute. Give them a minute, right? Ugh. 

It's just such a great snapshot of like the pressure that public couples are under for anything they do say, wear, attend, like, like every inch of it. Someone's going to read. And either side, Avery and I were having a conversation yesterday about like the interaction between the two of them after and like, she had a take and I had a take and we all have a take on everything that they do and their life and how much pressure goes with that for them. 

And are we Swelce or Traylor? Right.


Which name are we liking? Swelce or Traylor? 

Swelce or Traylor? Is that what you say? 

Big debate I'm told. 

Interesting, I don't think I like either of those.

I don’t either.

I feel a Traylor is an immediate no for me, but it was an immediate no right because I just think that's yeah 

Yeah, just doesn't need not what I would imagine for that couple so I can't. But I don't know.

Does anybody feel like Mama Kelce is getting a little slighted though?

I don't know. I saw Southwest Airlines posted, I mean, everybody's in on this. Southwest Airlines posted yesterday. They flew Mama Kelce back from the Super Bowl and they like announced her and so they got the video. You know, every oncein awhile someone films the flight attendant making announcements and they all celebrated. We love Mama Kelce and there she was. And anyway, everybody's, so she did get love on Southwest Airlines.

Well, the parade's today. So the big question that I saw this morning is will Taylor be with Travis on the float or whatever at the parade on Valentine's Day? Now the girl is doing.

When’s her next show?

I mean, and she's 17 hour wherever she is, she's 17 hours away or has a 17 hour time difference. So she's 17 hours away from the parade, are we going to read into the fact whether she makes it to the parade in Kansas City? I don't, yeah, I don't know. 

So much. So much. 

The halftime show was unbelievable.

Oh, yes. All of it. 

All the people. 

It was star-studded.

It was star-studded, Lexi, wasn't it? And I, to me, they were more special guests than I've ever seen before. with a performer. 

Yeah, yes. 

Not since probably the Coldplay Super Bowl performance because I think that's when they brought out Beyonce and Bruno Mars and that whole crew and so I think that was like the last time I really saw somebody like bringing in that many people but it was very impressive and I was seeing people talking about how many nods Usher was making to past Black artists and performer who’ve done the Super Bowl with the Michael Jackson glove and this all the different hints that he put into there was really cool. So he put a lot of effort into it and it's paying off for them. 

Yeah, when it’s thoughtful, right? And, you know, I saw a lot of his music, right? Just, you know, music downloads increasing by, you know, like 1200%, right? Not only Usher, but those that he brought in. Alicia Keys' music. right? H.E.R.’s music. So I love what it did and the most watched Super Bowl, right? The numbers were, the only thing higher from a viewership was like Apollo 11. Did anybody read that? 

Oh, wow. I did not know. 

It was a viewership, you know, phenomenon. 

Well, and Lexi, can we talk about Beyonce? 

Oh, yes. Yes. I was, honestly, that's the highlight of my Super Bowl. Honestly. I'm just fascinated that they were able to get her in a commercial anyway. I feel like it's been forever since I've seen Beyonce in like one of those types of commercials. I saw a joke or somebody said Verizon's only gonna have $13 left in their bank account after paying Beyonce. 

Probably true.

I wondered what they pulled off until I realized what was in it for her and that announcement of Act 2 for her multi -part album Renaissance, I think was very strategic as she typically is. But I think sometimes people think this is such a switch for Beyonce because Act 2 is going to be more of a country album. And we've not, or so we think we've not seen Beyonce delve into that, but she's done country before in her Lemonade album. She did a country song, Daddy Lessons. She's from Texas, so it's in her roots and she's just trying to pay homage to her hometown. So I'm excited to see how this project goes. The first two songs that she's released have already shown just like how versatile she is, which I don't think I've ever heard a lot of it, but I'm super excited to see how she pulls it off and even more so if she does do another world tour, how that comes out too.

Really reminds me, I think I'm at a point where like, I feel like everybody in America just needs to like, take a minute and like join hands and get together. And when you do crossovers like that, I think it does that. And last week, I'm going way off tangent now, but Luke Bryant or no, Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman singing "Fast Car" together on the Grammys. I was here, it was like one of the moments where you just see these two different, totally different worlds coming together and making something beautiful and amazing. And I don't ever want to hear the song now without both their voices in it. Like it's changde the song for me. So I love her branching into country and just embracing different cultures and different things. And I think they're really giving us a pathway forward as people like. 

Yeah, I mean, they're uniting, right? They're uniting, which I think is amazing. And I think about where we've seen Beyonce since the beginning of the year. We've seen her in a cowboy hat, right? So we've been, if we weren't expecting a country album, we should have been, right? 'Cause she's been giving us all the signals and all the feels and the way that she's shown up at the award shows. So yeah, I love when all that comes together and agree, like the strategy behind it is brilliant. 

Yes, and leave it up to Beyonce to always make an entrance. And that's exactly how she did it. So I look forward to seeing how everything comes out. 

Did you see the controversy online about Usher taking his shirt off? 


Yeah, there's a big controversy like he should have kept his clothes on. You know single girl, I'm like, no, I think I thought I was fine. But I did anybody find that offensive? Like,


Well, I thought that he was just making his costume change faster because he put on, I mean, when you think about it, he like, he shirt was off for 20 seconds. And then they like, he went back and came out into totally different outfits. So in my mind, I was like, oh, he's just like speeding this up in a showy way. 


That's what I thought. 

Yeah, there was, apparently there was some, you know, this may have all occurred on X formerly known as Twitter, because my source on this was the young T. White, right? And that his primary news source, you know, as a Gen Z male is Twitter, right? X, pardon me, X. Yeah. So that may have been the controversy may have been limited to X.

Limited to Twitter. Yeah. We were, I think we were all okay with it. Any other pop culture news we have to talk about today? 

Wait, I mean, I'm a big Bachelor girl and it is Bachelor season and Joey is a bringing Bachelor Nation back on top. I have been very disappointed the past few years. Do you guys watch it?

Off and on. I have through the years, but no, not this season.

No, I mean, I'll watch. Okay. So I know. 

He's a tennis player, right? 

He's a tennis pro. 

Yeah, from Hawaii. 

Since I married one, I thought maybe I didn't need to watch this show. I don't know. 

This will do it all better for you. You'll be like, okay, this has been redeemed because he is so, he's so cute. I feel like he's showing his personality more than previous bachelors who I feel like have really been playing the part of the bachelor. Joey, I think will like say something silly or whatever and we'll just roll with it and they're keeping it on it's not like they're saving all that for the bloopers and he's just handled everyone's drama or whatever like life stories they're bringing he's just handled it all very well. And I'm obsessed. There's drama with a girl named Maria right now. I guess by the time this airs, we will know what has happened to Maria, but I just thought I learned something so, I thought this was such a good little lesson to take with us. And so I will impart it to you all who are not watching. But on Monday, basically, there's a two-on-one date. One girl goes home, Maria stays. Girl who goes home her name's Sydney so they take the suitcase you know very dramatically they show the producer of the two suitcases and they take the one out and everyone's like oh my gosh Sydney went home. So Maria comes back all the girls who really don't like Maria some of them are like oh hey Maria how is your two on one how are things going well this one girl her name's Leia comes in she goes I just can't believe that you're being friends with Maria after Sydney, your other friend left. And this girl goes, "Why would I, just because I'm friends with someone else?" Her name's Medina, the one who said this. "Why would I, just because my friend left, be mean to the person who stayed?" Like, why would I choose to do that? Granted, it's reality TV, we need the drama. But, like, I was like, yeah, why are we choosing to just be to be mean to someone because the person we liked didn't get what they wanted and I'm like dang we need to be more like Medina in this situation. Leia was like she's being fake and Medina was like you're being immature we just all need to kind of get past this yeah. I thought it was good lessons. 

Yeah, good lessons. 

It's such a scenario where it just breeds like women's fighting with each other and competing with each other. And I think it's nice to see a little bright spot of it doesn't have to be this way. I'm sure the TV producers are trying to make it that way.

Obviously, obviousl. I'm not saying that we should live by the Bachelor, but—

You know what was so interesting to me? I did watch parts of the Golden Bachelor.

Oh yeah. 

So good. 

Those women didn't do that. 

No, they all were friends. 

Like some of them, one of them that didn't get chosen, married, she was the person who did the ceremony.

The officiant, yeah. 

Like they had a totally different, like they were just girl power and beefing each other up and just supporting each other. And it was so different.

Okay, there are many factors to this, but I think one of them is that they have so many more, they have so much more life that they've lived already. A lot of them, their husbands have passed away. They've been through multiple divorces. They have kids, like they had dealt with so much more that I think they're, they had more wisdom to step back and say, we're all going through things. We've all been through things. How can I understand this? It's because I have, a friend who did this or my husband also passed away and joined together a little bit more. I think there's so many other factors, but I do think that that definitely played into it while I was watching. Also, Golden Bachelorette is coming up too. 

I've heard that, but do we know who it is or is it still under wraps? I think there's like a lot of fun in who this is gonna be. 

I haven't heard who yet. 

Me either.

One day we're gonna nominate Karen for the Golden Bachelorette.

Well, really, I mean, you know, honestly, if I keep getting older like the Super Bowl, it's gonna be time, right? Really and truly.

So it's Valentine's Day today. We said that we're taping on Valentine's Day. I keep saying taping instead of recording 'cause I'm old. (laughing) What are the two of you or I know Lex? and Avery, both have boyfriends, Karen and I are strong and solo. And what are your Valentine's traditions? Like what are y 'all's plans, anything fun? 

Yeah, date night?

Yes, so my boyfriend and I like to do baskets for each other, like the goodie baskets with candies and gifts and things like that. So we exchanged our baskets. I got home late from work last night. So like at one o 'clock in the morning, we exchanged our baskets. And then when he asked me to be his girlfriend, we were at a restaurant in Dallas called Lexi's, which was very cute touch. Yes, we're going back there tonight for dinner. So yes.

Listen, but what a sweet guy. I’m loving this guy.

Tim is a good one. We do enjoy Tim. He's a keeper.

All right, Tim, shout out to Tim.

And y’all’s pictures are so cute. I think on a team call or something, we were like, y 'all, Lexi and her boyfriend are such a good-looking couple. Like they're just, y 'all are just so cute together. 

Thank you, we try. He looks pretty nice sometimes too.

You're in a long distance, yeah.

I'm a long distance girl, which I'm all for if anyone needs long distance advice. I think it's great for some personality types. So I, Valentine's Day, I forget about often. My apartment is completely decorated and that's because my roommates did it all. But I came home yesterday, I walked in, we had our Galentine's Day Fairwinds event kind of late, and so I came home late and everyone was here watching the Bachelor. And I walked in and I go, "Oh, those flowers are pretty!” and I just keep going and then I was like wait are those for me and they're like yeah Greg sent them so even Greg all the way in the ocean is yeah showing me his love so he sent me some flowers but very sweet that is all really that's all that I need that's I appreciate it and it is sweet but I've never been the biggest Valentine's Day girl yeah

Yeah. Well, Karen—

I don't know about you. 

We had our online Galentine’s last night, but do you have plans tonight? 

So I have two dates. 

Oh, excellent. So, T and Will White? 

Yes, Will White and T White, absolutely. And they're coming over here. So, and I'm making dinner for them, but Lindsay Jones, who works at, right, Tri Delta’s Executive Offices as chief of staff introduced me to this new recipe that's apparently all over the internet. And I say these things because I am not all over social media and the internet necessarily, but people will tell me, so I'm making Mary Me Chicken. 

Oh yeah. 

I guessed it before you even said it. 


I knew

Lexi, I'm super excited, this new recipe, they get to be my, you know, guinea pigs here and so yes, we will be dining. on "Marry Me Chicken" in the White House tonight with my two favorite guys. 

I love it.

I'm all three if you count my dog. My dog.

Oh, good. Three dates is, I think

Better than two? 


How about you? What are you doing? 

Well, I have two dates. They're 12 and 15, exactly. They don't even realize it's Valentine's Day. Except for, I did start the day off with heart-shaped pancakes that were sprinkled with pink and I do all about the food, usually. And some like, you know, shape of the food or color of the food that has to go with the holiday. So we had to do that this morning. 

That's awesome. 

Start their day off right. And then we are, I'm making a new recipe tonight too. Steak bites, butter steak bites.

Oh, oh, oh. Share that one. 

Yeah, so it feels like a fancy dinner 'cause steak is involved. And then I'm going to make chocolate-dipped strawberries, which are all of our favorites. So they will come home from school to that. It's just Valentine's Day in the house.

That's so sweet.

It’s not about me, it's about them.

So can I tell you how funny I'm going to share it here and others will hear this. So, you know, Pilates being part of the, you know, just a daily practice for me. And I was so excited to go this morning and I had on this, you know, little shirt that said love right like I you know it's Valentine's Day and so and I've been doing Pilates now for year and a half right and so I'm pretty practiced. I literally fell off the reformer this morning. Yep, well it's not kind of off but into and you know was I did not cross my reformer straps and said attention so like I know how it happened but it was a calamity that was so much noise. And before I knew it, I was kneeling on my knees and I was over on top, you know, sort of folded over the shoulder blocks with my hands on the floor. I broke a nail, which is tragic. I am fine, but I couldn't stop laughing 'cause, you know, whether I fall or somebody else, that's, it's my gut instinct, right? The poor instructor was like, "Oh my gosh, are you okay?" Right? And, you know, I'm a little elderly, right? So they're worried about people falling off. I've never done this, I was so embarrassed. So I said to the woman next to me, I was like, “What do you think that means if I have fallen off the reformer to start the day on Valentine's Day? Like, I don't, should I go back to bed?” And she said, “No, girl, you got the worst over, you're going to crush today.” Right?

So true. 

It’s behind you. I was like, that is why I come to Pilates right there is there is love and reinforcement even when you make a fool of yourself and fall into the well of the performance. That is literally how I started my day. 

I think this has been a really positive uplifting podcast all about like girl power and lifting each other up.


Off of the reformer when you saw it, it was absolutely right.

Being capable enough to knit and I, I, yes, I love all of it. So I feel good about our conversation today. What we're leaving with all of our listeners. So any final words, y 'all? We're gonna close it down here. Any final words? Nope. 

Delta Love. 

Delta Love.

Delta Love.

All right, well, thanks for joining us today. Another episode of Tri Deltas in the TV Room. We're gonna make a big announcement. in early March. Our new Women of Achievement will be awarded. You'll get to hear about these amazing women. And our podcast after that will showcase those women. So you'll get to know them a little bit better. You do not wanna miss that. You also do not wanna miss summer Convention. You wanna meet some of these amazing women and all the amazing women in Tri Delta. Come to Convention in July in Orlando, in Orlando, Florida, come Flamingle with us. 

Let's go. 

So fun, so fun. 

We love you guys until next time. Delta Love, bye