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Taking on Addiction with Kindness and Compassion

Episode Summary

Rachel Graham, Baylor, delves into the intense topic of addiction and how to treat the whole person and offer compassion with boundaries.

Episode Notes

Rachel Graham, Baylor, is the CEO and co-founder of Healing Springs Ranch, where she focuses on bridging the gap between addiction, mental health and trauma. Her personal mission is to affect change in addiction treatment by treating the “whole person.” Following a personal experience with a loved one who battled addiction, Rachel sought her passion for understanding the roots of addiction—across all generations and demographics—and offer better solutions for treatment. She discusses how to understand guilt vs. Shame and how shame is the crux of addiction. Rachel also focuses on the support network for those struggling with addiction and how to offer compassion with boundaries. This complex topic affects so many in our worlds, and we welcome the dialogue with Rachel now and in future podcasts. 


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Episode highlights:

7:00 Understanding compulsions in addiction

9:30 How to feel your feelings

12:21 Depression vs. Anxiety

13:48 Supporting with compassion and boundaries

15:50 Guilt vs. Shame

17:32 Normalizing and understanding addiction

19:50 Recognizing enabling habits