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Soprano Forges Opera Career, Creates Space for Diverse Artists

Episode Summary

Our next featured 33 Under 33 recipient is Alicia Russell, Furman, an opera singer making her mark in the arts. She discusses what led her to the artform and how she is able to showcase opera as education.

Episode Notes

Alicia Russell, Furman, has been singing as long as she could sit still in church. Coming from generations of singers, Alicia found early passions for the stage through musical theater performances. After being encouraged to pursue opera, she quickly discovered what would become her career. Having served as a resident artist at companies around the country, Alicia has also been able to promote arts education to young people and introduce them to the world of opera. She has been able to showcase BIPOC professionals in the arts and participate in telling more diverse experiences through her art. Alicia offers great advice on staying flexible in your life and career in an ever-changing world. 

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Website: https://www.aliciarussellsoprano.com/