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Sometimes It’s OK to Hit the Pause Button

Episode Summary

The pandemic brought new realities for everyone. Hear Alison Griffin, Southern Methodist, walk through her experiences as a single mom and how she was able to reset parts of her life for the better.

Episode Notes

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, Alison Griffin, Southern Methodist, contributed her story about life as a single parent during the pandemic. She discusses the lengths she took for her family when all her available resources for support were suddenly gone. Feeling the weight of the world, Alison forced herself to hit the pause button in order to recalibrate and reset parts of her life. She offers the best lessons she learned from having the courage to put herself first, and learn to say no in order to give her best yes. Her powerful story of her challenges is an inspiration for all to hit pause when difficulties arise. 

Read Alison’s contribution to the Harvard Business Review.

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Episode highlights:

2:08 Alison’s contribution to Harvard Business Review article

4:50 Realizing the cracks in her personal support system

8:22 Creating resources out of nothing

12:04 Pushing the pause button

15:48 Creating space and time for yourself

16:58 Normalizing therapy and mental wellness

18:58 Learning to say no

20:00 Realigning and resetting