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LEADDD Now: Self-Assessment and Growth Mindset on the DEI Journey

Episode Summary

Our next LEADDD Now conversation focuses on collegiate chapter efforts on DEI programming. Lauren Whitman, Delaware, passionately took the initiative to implement relatable training and resources for her sisters.

Episode Notes

Following the racial unrest of 2020, Lauren Whitman, Delaware, took it upon herself to create DEI programming for Epsilon Upsilon Chapter to open communication among chapter members, even with difficult conversations. A key part of her programming is a self-reflection exercise, used for members to assess their own DEI journey before and after they participate in training. Lauren designed the chapter’s resources and training with a focus on growth mindset, and it’s already having an impact on members. Learn more about the work of our collegiate members like Lauren and Epsilon Upsilon Chapter as we create a more equitable and inclusive lifetime membership experience.

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