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LEADDD Now Conversation - Dr. Diane Petersen

Episode Summary

One of the most powerful – and emotional – moments of our time at LEADDD Online was the LEADDD Now conversation Kimberlee Sullivan had with Tri Delta’s first Black sister, Dr. Diane Petersen, Ohio Wesleyan. Diane’s brave story and that of her Delta Upsilon Chapter sisters reflects on a very difficult time in Tri Delta’s past. We’re proud to share this story and hope you enjoy hearing from Dr. Petersen and her advice for Tri Delta.

Episode Notes

During LEADDD Online, Tri Delta introduced a series of conversations on racism called LEADDD Now. In this installment, Fraternity President Kimberlee Sullivan, Pepperdine, has a conversation with Dr. Diane Petersen, Ohio Wesleyan, Tri Delta’s first Black member. They discuss the challenges she faced in joining our organization, which wasn’t always kind alike to all. Diane attended college in the 1960s, during the civil rights movement, when not all colleges were integrated – or even open to women attending. She persevered through discrimination on both fronts. She understood the consequences of seeking sorority membership at the time, as it brought ramifications for her and her Delta Upsilon Chapter sisters. Though she and the chapter faced opposition from the national organization, Diane knew she and her sisters had clarity of purpose to stand up for what was right. Through the solidarity and strength of our sisterhood, she made history in Tri Delta. Diane and Kimberlee also discuss the LEADDD Now plan and Tri Delta’s upcoming work to dismantle systemic racism and promote diversity, equity and justice for all as an organization that is kind alike to all. Listen to her inspirational story, with hope for our future.