Let's Talk Tri Delta

LEADDD Now Conversation - Sabur Woldu & Lexi Leggs

Episode Summary

Tri Delta continues our relevant LEADDD Now – Conversations on racism with two remarkable young alumnae reflecting on Dr. Diane Petersen’s story and Tri Delta’s future as we work to dismantle racism and promote a more inclusive and equitable membership experience for all members.

Episode Notes

During LEADDD Online, Tri Delta began an important series titled LEADDDD Now - Conversations on Racism. It began with a dialogue featuring Dr. Diane Petersen, Ohio Wesleyan, and Fraternity President Kimberlee Di Fede Sullivan, Pepperdine. Dr. Petersen shared her Tri Delta story as our first Black sister. As a follow-up to that powerful exchange, two amazing young alumnae, incoming chapter development consultant (CDC) Sabur Woldu, Texas/Dallas, and former CDC Lexi Leggs, Millikin, reflect on Dr. Petersen’s Tri Delta story and her professional journey. Sabur and Lexi acknowledge both the progress Tri Delta has made, the work that still needs to be done to address representation, equity and inclusion. Join us as we engage in this important dialogue as we all continue to listen and learn from our Black, Indigenous and Sisters of Color.

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