Let's Talk Tri Delta

LEADDD Now Conversation - Lenora Oeters and Tycely Williams

Episode Summary

Our next LEADDD Now conversation on racism features two members of our 2020-2022 Executive Board, Lenora Oeters, Cincinnati, and Tycely Williams, Wake Forest. They discuss our LEADDD Now plan, transformational change and creating inclusive and equitable spaces for all Tri Delta members.

Episode Notes

This episode features Executive Board Directors Lenora Oeters, Cincinnati, and Tycely Williams, Wake Forest, one of our first Black sisters to serve on the Board. They discuss bringing lived experiences to the board level as part of our LEADDD Now action plan. As Chief Development Officer for the America’s Promise Alliance, Tycely discusses her lifetime experience as a servant leader in her professional and volunteer work, bringing her strengths to benefit others. They cover our action plan and how steadfast love can allow us to learn from each other and our identities. LEADDD Now was designed by women to dismantle barriers, create change and allow space and grace for all members, specifically Tri Delta’s Black, Indigenous and Sisters of Color. Lenora and Tycely also talk about the younger generations and how they are activating change to make Tri Delta better.