Let's Talk Tri Delta

LEADDD Now Conversation – Emily Greer

Episode Summary

Our latest LEADDD Now conversation on racism features new Executive Board Director, Emily Greer, Rhodes. Emily focuses on how diversity helps shape an organization for more success and how Tri Delta is leading the way to make a more inclusive and equitable experience for all members.

Episode Notes

This episode features Emily Greer, Rhodes, one of Tri Delta’s first Black Sisters to serve on the Executive Board. Emily recognizes that her service to Tri Delta comes at an important time in our organization’s history where we are able to add voice to action. As Chief Administrative Officer for ALSAC/St. Jude, Emily brings a wealth of experience in human resources and explains how diversity in an organization equals more revenue and success overall. She discusses how our LEADDD Now action plan is a strong start to diversity, equity and inclusion as the plan has accountability and measurability. While change is hard, the plan allows us to address barriers to membership and bring differences of thought which can create belonging within Tri Delta.