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LEADDD Now Conversation – Cristina Dominguez

Episode Summary

Tri Delta volunteer Cristina Dominguez, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, offers insight on our upcoming organization-wide diversity audit. She also poses the questions to our sisterhood, “What? So What? Now What?”

Episode Notes

As Tri Delta continues to focus on our LEADDD Now action plan, Cristina Dominguez, Texas A&M/Corpus Christi, a former chapter development consultant, discusses Tri Delta’s LEADDD Now effort and her work on the committee to select the partner for Tri Delta’s organization-wide diversity audit. In this LEADDD Now conversation, Cristina shares her hopes for the audit, her journey to understanding her identities a gay Latina and her Tri Delta experience. As a higher education professional, she offers great insight into our collegiate members and their power to creating lasting change on campuses and in their communities. Watch this conversation here.

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