Let's Talk Tri Delta

LEADDD Now Conversation – Caroline Chin Goldwater

Episode Summary

Our next installment of our LEADDD Now Conversations on Racism features Tri Delta Housing Board Director Caroline Chin Goldwater, James Madison. She discusses her experiences she brings to Tri Delta leadership and how our LEADDD Now plan will measure our accountability in diversity.

Episode Notes

Caroline Chin Goldwater, James Madison, was inspired by Tri Delta’s LEADDD Now plan and raised her hand to lend her experiences and skills to the highest levels of leadership within our organization. By putting herself forward, she knows it will bring her voice and competencies to affect positive change. With a wealth of professional experience in project management, she is excited to see how our LEADDD Now plan will be broken down to determine priorities and targets for progress. With a love for data, she knows that it will allow for Tri Delta to measure the accountability of our goals of creating a more equitable and inclusive lifetime membership experience.