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Done is Better than Perfect - Lisa Woodruff, Organize 365®

Episode Summary

Quarantine clutter got you down? We’ve got you covered! Lisa Woodruff is the founder and CEO of Organize 365® and she’s bringing you her best tips on organization and productivity through home/life FUSION.

Episode Notes

Lisa Woodruff is a productivity specialist, home organization expert, and founder and CEO of Organize365®. Her goal is helping women reduce overwhelm, clear mental clutter and live a productive and organized life. As she started her company as a professional organizer, Lisa was able to use her background as an educator to teach organization as a skill. Through some of her powerful mantras like “Done is Better than Perfect,” she is able to empower others to recognize their worth and dedicate spared time to do what we are uniquely qualified to do. Lisa also introduces her Sunday Basket system for creating more time in your week through organization. Watch her recent LEADDD U event here and be sure to find more of her courses for Tri Deltas through LEADDDer.org!



Instagram: Organize365