Let's Talk Tri Delta

Tri Delta: "Ever-Growing and Purposeful" A Conversation with Ginger Hicks Smith

Episode Summary

The current global situation is not the first challenge Tri Delta has faced. Throughout our existence as an organization, we have seen many global challenges and grown stronger. Ginger Hicks Smith, Emory, joins us to provide a perspective on Tri Delta’s rich history.

Episode Notes

Ginger Hicks Smith, Emory, lifelong Tri Delta volunteer and leader, gives a historical perspective of major challenges in our history. Turning back the pages of Tri Delta’s archives, Ginger focuses on three time periods that impacted our organization – World War I, The Great Depression and World War II. Each situation provided Tri Delta opportunities for growth, passionately serve others and support our sisters. Tri Delta was able to weather each storm and continued to thrive as a brave, bold and kind organization for women. 



Correction: Bessie Leach Priddy, Grand Historian, and Hortense Imboden Hudson, National Vice President, presided over the 1919 Convention in place of National President R. Louise Fitch, who was still overseas engaged in war work