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 33 Under 33: Karisa Malchow – Tri Delta Fashion Designer Stands Tall

Episode Summary

Tri Delta’s next 33 Under 33 podcast features Karisa Malchow, Creighton, Founder of clothing line Stature. At 6’2” without heels, Karisa’s enterprising spirit led her create a solution to a major obstacle for her - to found a clothing company that caters to tall women.

Episode Notes

As someone who was always in the middle back row of any group picture, Karisa Malchow, Creighton, was determined to create a solution for clothing options for tall women. Realizing the problem wasn’t her body, but the clothing, Karisa founded Stature, focusing on professional wear for tall women. She discusses how her time in Tri Delta taught her that women’s commonalities are part of our strength (7:15). Through the support of her family and her Tri Delta sisters, she even achieved a bucket list goal of showing her line at Omaha Fashion Week (9:15). Karisa also shares her advice on protecting your reputation and integrity, and how she handles professional setbacks. Hear her story and learn to stand tall, wear heels and rule the world!

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