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33 Under 33 – Dr. Elizabeth Curtis: Living the Mission of St. Jude

Episode Summary

We are showcasing Tri Delta’s “33 Under 33” featuring trailblazing young alumnae and collegiate sisters. This episode features Dr. Elizabeth Curtis, a resident pediatrician who found her career passion in supporting St. Jude through philanthropy and hands-on research.

Episode Notes

Dr. Elizabeth Curtis, Butler, was first introduced to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Tri Delta’s commitment to ending childhood cancer as an undergraduate member. First-hand, she saw the impact Tri Deltas had on the families and children of St. Jude. She then went on to intern twice at St. Jude, conducting research that has helped her on her career path, now a resident physician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. There she is able to put into place the passions she learned from Tri Delta and St. Jude. She discusses how Tri Delta set her up to be an educator and learner, which she still practices today as a teaching physician. More so, she learned vital confidence and promotes that having ambition and humility don’t have to be at odds. 

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