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3 For You: What Happened to Our Senior Year?

Episode Summary

Just like that...collegians had their year upended. Our seniors had many final events, memories and ceremonies taken away. Senior Sam Wakitsch, Southeast Missouri, detailed her feelings through her writings and shares her thoughts on how seniors can handle what they’re going through.

Episode Notes

Senior Sam Wakitsch, Southeast Missouri, went from looking forward to the culmination of her year to back home living in the basement. This was a big, unexpected adjustment that all collegians had to manage difficult transitions going back home. But that doesn’t mean the Tri Delta experience is over! Her 3 For You include tips for her fellow senior sisters as they navigate the end of their collegiate years. Remember that feelings are valid, and it’s ok to not feel guilt over missing sentimental moments and celebrating four years of hard work. She also discusses focusing on the positives and not letting the negatives consume you. Finally, she encourages leaning into your support systems, especially Tri Delta. Now more than ever is it important for sisters to be there for each other. 

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Read some of Sam’s work:

I am Lucky

It Still Sucks

This is OUR world and WE decide what happens to it.

Thank you, Tri Delta.