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 3 for You: Ultimately Creating Good with Rae Ann Gruver

Episode Summary

We return to Tri Delta’s popular 3 for You series with special guest Rae Ann Gruver of the Max Gruver Foundation, shedding light on her family’s story and the fight to put an end to hazing.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we are joined by co-founder of the Max Gruver Foundation, Rae Ann Gruver. In Sept. 2014, Rae Ann and her husband Stephen lost their son Max in a hazing incident at Louisiana State University. She reflects on Max and the tragedy that took his life. Their family’s mission since has been to provide education and legislation to end hazing through their Foundation. She provides perspective on creating good out of a tragic situation and offers three key tips to saving lives and putting an end to hazing—taking care of each other, feeling empowered and being kind. 

Content warning: this podcast contains content dealing with the realities of hazing, abuse, death and grief. For information on Tri Delta's mental health programming, please refer to our Behind Happy Faces resources available to members on the Resource Library.

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