Let's Talk Tri Delta

3 For You: Transcending Barriers with Tri Delta

Episode Summary

Senior Celebration features Sabur Woldu, Texas/Dallas, whose leadership in her chapter and as a member of the Collegiate Advisory Panel has inspired many. She discusses what inclusion can look like when all voices have a place at the table.

Episode Notes

Sabur Woldu, Texas/Dallas, served as collegiate chapter president of Epsilon Theta and a member of Tri Delta’s Collegiate Advisory Panel. She’ll soon begin her work as a new chapter development consultant!

Sabur believes in the transformative power of leadership she has learned through Tri Delta, which has allowed her to succeed in change management. Through her work with CAP, she was able to open conversations on the differences between inclusion and diversity, and provide a voice to the voiceless. Inclusion, like Tri Delta, has its basis in kindness. Tri Delta continues to evolve as the world evolves, allowing our organization to transcend all barriers. 

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