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3 For You:  This is Not Normal

Episode Summary

There’s actually nothing normal about what is a happening. Dr. Sarah Burgamy, Dartmouth, is a licensed psychologist practicing in Denver. She gives practical insight to make sense of what’s going on around us, understand incomplete loss and provides ways to cope.

Episode Notes

What’s happening in the world with COVID-19 is far from normal. There is no “new normal.” This is just temporary; it’s just unfamiliar and unusual. Dr. Sarah Burgamy, Dartmouth, speaks about this shared experience we are all dealing with and how to accept and adjust to new circumstances. She takes a look at grief vs. incomplete loss and compares this experience to other major events in our lives. Sarah offers best practices on anchoring yourself to parts of your life to provide normalcy. This powerful discussion provides great dialogue for all our members as we recognize Mental Health Month every May. 

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