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3 For You: This is NOT Homeschooling – Tips for Parents

Episode Summary

The shift in our daily lives has presented new circumstances with children learning from home during a crisis. Tri Delta alumna and seasoned school teacher Sarah Torretta-Trout, Southeast Missouri, offers perspectives and best practices for parents at home with children learning in a new environment.

Episode Notes

We are not homeschooling, virtual learning or distance learning. We are crisis learning. Sarah Torretta-Trout, Southeast Missouri, has been teaching middle school for 17 years and is the mother of a toddler. In this episode of “3 For You,” Sarah provides great perspective on what actually is happening in the education world and how parents can adapt the best they can. She offers advice on structure and developing routines for day-to-day activities and how to utilize opportunities for spontaneous learning outside of “classroom time.” She also discusses the ability to give yourself grace, making concessions and not falling to online pressures of achievement. Consider how to ask for help when you need it and utilize the resources already provided by schools and districts. 

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