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3 For You: Surviving COVID as a Couple

Episode Summary

Relationships can be difficult, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Everyday life is changing for all of us and we may find challenges in navigating this new circumstance with a partner. Executive Office staff member and licensed therapist Liz Crawley offers her three best tips for focusing on your relationship.

Episode Notes

Experiencing this pandemic with a partner may be providing new challenges within a relationship. This new daily life will be hard for individuals in healthy, positive relationships and potentially exacerbate existing negative issues. EO staff member and licensed therapist Liz Crawley offers productive and practical tips on how to survive COVID-19 as a couple. Recognize what you can control and pay attention to your thoughts as they influence how you feel. Learn what are the “shiny objects” that may be distracting your true feelings. Communicate with intentionality and determine if you’re really bringing everything needed to “the dinner table.” Finally, Liz discusses the importance of change in a relationship amidst a crisis. Realize the concept of impermanence as it relates to the current situation. Can you accept we are in “a tunnel” and there WILL be an exit? Tune in to this powerful episode about embracing and accepting potential challenges in your relationship. 

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