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3 For You: Pro Tips on Professionalism

Episode Summary

Despite changes to our circumstances and work environments, honing business etiquette is always an essential skill. Lynn Tate Teel, Texas Christian, is an etiquette and protocol expert who provides practical and helpful ways to remind ourselves of professionalism in our careers

Episode Notes

Do you know that people’s first impressions of you come within the first seven seconds of meeting? That’s a lot in a short period of time! Business etiquette is a life skill that never goes out of style. Tri Delta alumna Lynn Tate Teel, Texas Christian, is a proven Etiquette & Protocol Consultant with extensive experience in life skills training, business relationship development and providing transformational solutions. Simply put, she believes that utilizing proper etiquette is a life-altering skill. Based in courtesy and kindness, proper etiquette skills affect personal and professional profitability. She discusses her best practices on appearance, timeliness and communication. These tips are about relationship building, and people want to do business with those they know and have relationships. Practice proper business etiquette and show yourself as a person of grace and intelligence in any situation and you’ll go far.