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3 For You: Personal Branding

Episode Summary

Messaging expert Liz Navarro shares three best practices to solidify your personal branding by establishing value add, creating a clear and compelling career story, and utilizing social media as distribution platforms for your talents.

Episode Notes

Our “3 For You” series continues as we are joined by messaging expert Liz Navarro, Pepperdine. Liz is a strategist, public speaking professor and copywriter who professionals activate new opportunities through their communications platforms. She discusses identifying your value add through your skills and talents and offers tips of how to create a clear and compelling career story of your professional history. We also discuss how to share your work, goals and ideas through appropriate social media platforms. 


Check out her recently published article in the Dallas Business Journal online, Personal branding leads to more opportunities. Here are four ways to elevate yours. Or learn more ways to connect with Liz at https://www.liznavarroco.com


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