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3 For You: Make Time for a Life Audit

Episode Summary

Don’t get lost in the nostalgia of what once was. And don’ think we are going “back to normal,” but think what you can do moving forward. Krystal Clark, Maryland, shares her thoughts on conducting at Life Audit, and why this is the perfect time to conduct one.

Episode Notes

The uncertainties we are experiencing today are stressful. But as we are taking a break from what is familiar, we are able to do some reflection. We know what an audit is, but have you ever applied it to your life? Krystal Clark, Maryland, helps identify ways to do some life improvements with self-compassion (empathy + action). In this episode of 3 For You she walks us through conducting a Life Audit, and thinks this should be done on an annual basis. Her steps – Filter, Flare, Focus – offer guidance on how to assess what we are doing and what we are investing our time and energies in. Do you have a personal mission statement or core values that can serve as your filter? Be transparent with how you are spending your energies. Embrace the power of pause moving forward. Be sure to tune into this powerful message and make positive changes to better yourself!

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