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3 For You: Magical Phrases for Getting What You Want

Episode Summary

Now is a great time to focus on yourself and how you can use powerful conversations for getting what you want. AmyK Hutchens returns to Let’s Talk Tri Delta to share her three magical phrases.

Episode Notes

 AmyK Hutchens brings over 19 years’ experience in training, coaching and consulting. She’s the best-selling author of GET IT: Five Steps to the Sex, Salary and Success You Want.” Powerful conversations happen one at a time and engaging in these conversations allows us to honor the worth of our own voice. AmyK shares how we can express feelings without absolutes, leverage control in times of uncertainty and creative collaborations while working remotely. Tune in to hear more about her three magical phrases for getting what you want: “a part of me,” “would you be willing,” and “how might we?”

Stay tuned for more from AmyK as she keynotes LEADDD Online on Friday, July 10!

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