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3 For You: Life as a Remote Student

Episode Summary

Tri Delta collegiate member Geya Bhimanapalli, Temple, shares her insights on the transition to being a remote student. Listen to her “3 For You” tips on maintaining a schedule, reaching out to stay connected and how to look at the problem as a solution.

Episode Notes

In the circumstances of COVID-19, Tri Delta witnessed more than 18,000 of our collegiate members return to their permanent homes and adapt to live as remote students. Our guest on this episode of “3 For You” is collegiate member Geya Bhimanapalli,Temple, who provides her best tips for making this transition.  She discusses creating and following a schedule to not become overwhelmed. Also, she talks about why it’s important to reach out to friends, sisters and family to maintain strong connections in a social void. She also suggests looking at the problem as a solution and how to be creative with how we are all getting through this together. 

"3 For You" is a series of resources to help guide you and uncover the best tips from experts as we navigate our new circumstances during COVID-19. Whether you like to Read, Listen, Watch or are looking for ways to Connect, we've got you covered. Check it out: https://bit.ly/2xGkBUJ