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3 For You: Keeping Calm Amidst a Panic

Episode Summary

With so much out of our control, there are a number of practices and techniques that we CAN control to put our mind at ease as we navigate the coming days and weeks. Family physician, Dr. Nothando Swan, Toronto, shares her “3 For You” on keeping calm during a panic.

Episode Notes

 In these uncertain times, many may face feelings of anxiety and even panic. Dr. Nothando Swan, Toronto, is a family physician with a passion for self-care and productivity as a means to keep your calm. She discusses identifying triggers, how they affect you and what your role in them. It’s important to root firmly in your support systems and understand who’s on your team – without taking on other people’s drama. She shares her thoughts on cutting items OFF your to-do list, and what to avoid in your daily life in these circumstances. 

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