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3 For You: Help – My Roots are Showing!

Episode Summary

The current pandemic has us all re-assessing our beauty and maintenance routines. There shouldn’t be any guilt! Stacy Nadeau, Creighton, joins us with inspiring words on how we look at beauty now and owning our power and energies.

Episode Notes

These days, our roots, nails and regular maintenance routines have all been upended. You can accept these areas of your life without feeling guilty and just showing up where you are!

Self-care and beauty guru Stacy Nadeau, Creighton, joins us once again to encourage us to make new agreements with ourselves about what “beauty” will look like now.  It’s ok to care about how you look and your routines – give yourself the permission to accept you as you are! She discusses ways to get creative and connected and learn new skills when it comes to your regimen. Stacy offers the powerful message of owning and honing where you put your power, and giving yourself grace in the meantime. 

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