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3 For You: Health Yourself with Jan Park

Episode Summary

Tri Delta’s focus this month is on wellness, and we are joined by Jan Park, Charleston, who gives her three best tips on nutrition. With more than 25 years of experience, she shares great practical hints on carbs, plant-based meals and kitchen planning.

Episode Notes

Jan Park, Charleston, is a registered nurse, Certified Weight Management Specialist, fitness trainer, Corporate Wellness Manager and Founder of Health Yourself by JP. She found a passion for wellness and keeping people healthy throughout her career. Jan believes health and wellness is 99% based in nutrition, and food should be looked at like medicine. In her # for You, she shares her best tips about not being afraid of your carbs (6:00 min), upping your “plant food game” (11:00 min) and shares best practices in the kitchen for keeping healthy food on the table each week (15:00 min). Her practical approach to nutrition is great for any one at any age!


Jan Park, RN|CPT|Nutritionist|Health Coach

Health Yourself by JP

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