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3 For You: Fostering Your Virtual Family

Episode Summary

Now, more than ever is it important to connect virtually with family. Alison Hillhouse, Virginia, is the author of “Virtual Grandma” and provides creative ways to engage little ones with family from afar.

Episode Notes

Author Alison Hillhouse, Virginia, was inspired by her mother (and Tri Delta sister from Missouri!) on how to engage with her children using FaceTime. Her book, “Virtual Grandma” shares great ways to connect, keep attention and be creative in building those bonds. She discusses preschooler passion points, creating movement to maintain interest and determining the best times for virtual engagement. These are great ways to connect to loved ones, and even create virtual babysitting opportunities for parents.  

"3 For You" is a series of resources to help guide you and uncover the best tips from experts as we navigate our new circumstances during COVID-19. Whether you like to Read, Listen, Watch or are looking for ways to Connect, we've got you covered. Check it out: https://bit.ly/2xGkBUJ