Let's Talk Tri Delta

3 For You: Elevating Kindness in the Workplace with the Teachings of Mr. Rogers

Episode Summary

Kindness in our lives has never been more important. Two Tri Delta alumnae, Alison French, Cornell and Stephanie Hubka, Carnegie Mellon, introduce how the simple teachings of Mr. Rogers bring more kindness to our lives, work and worlds.

Episode Notes

Through a serendipitous meeting, two colleagues Alison French, Cornell, and Stephanie Hubka, Carnegie Mellon, realized they had more in common that being Tri Delta sisters...a love for the teachings of Mr. Rogers.  Their professional work in talent development led to the creation of programming that promoted kindness in the workplace. They developed the programs “Won’t You Be My Trainer,” “Won’t You Be My Manager” and “Won’t You Be My Volunteer.” Through those simple lessons learned from television as children, they encourage everyone to promote kindness to self and others by remembering to play at work, appreciating the silent moments and loving the work you do. They also emphasize Mr. Rogers’ most important lessons for success: be kind, be kind, be kind.