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3 For You: Career Readiness

Episode Summary

Are you ready to start your career or make a change in your professional life? LinkedIn’s Courtney Condon, Millikin, joins the podcast to give her best “3 For You” on re-evaluating your industry, being open to new opportunities and the power of your networks.

Episode Notes

This episode of our “3 For You” series takes a look at best practices for jumpstarting your career or making a professional shift. We are joined by Tri Delta alumna Courtney Condon, Millikin, Regional Sales Manager at LinkedIn, who offers her practical advice. She discusses the importance of re-evaluating industries and assessing the skills and talents that may fit into the industries that are hiring now. We discuss keeping options open to new opportunities that could be stepping stones to finding your dream job. Finally, maximizing your networks through platforms like LinkedIn and CONNECTDDD can be a great way to further your professional endeavors. Click below for a LinkedIn resource for students!

"3 For You" is a series of resources to help guide you and uncover the best tips from experts as we navigate our new circumstances during COVID-19. Whether you like to Read, Listen, Watch or are looking for ways to Connect, we've got you covered. Check it out: https://bit.ly/2xGkBUJ