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3 For You: Break Up with Your Diet

Episode Summary

The current situations have us re-evaluating so many components of our lives – including our relationship with food. Author and Tri Delta alumna Sloane Elizabeth, Vanderbilt, offers great advice on how to refocus your energies and achieve food freedom.

Episode Notes

Everyone has a relationship with food that is often tied to our emotions. Tri Delta alumna Sloane Elizabeth, Vanderbilt, authored the book “Kale and Kravings : Nourishing Dorm Room Recipes and Wellness Practices for Students” as an undergrad. Through her work as an online holistic wellness coach, Sloane helps women let go of restrictions and diet culture in order to find lasting food freedom. Sloane discusses how to protect your energies with clear boundaries about social media, diet culture and areas that could negatively affect your feelings. You can be responsible for allowing positive images and messages uplift how you feel. She discusses productive ways to deal with negative emotions by finding habits that combat stress and anxiety. Finally, she covers how to relabel what it means to be “healthy,” and what it means to eat with love and intuition in order to find food freedom. 

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